COIMA. Together for Italy

With the aim to face the COVID-19 emergency in Italy, each employes made a symbolic donation that COIMA has increased by five times, reaching € 90,000, donated to the Buzzi hospital Foundation to support a dedicated action programme. Together with the donations already given to the Sacco hospital and Mutual Aid Fund of the Municipality of Milan, COIMA’s total contribution reached a total amount of € 420,000.

JLL. COVID-19: Global Real Estate Implications. Paper 2

This updated report looks at the lessons from China, the global policy response and the practical challenges businesses will face for re-entry, as well as capital market implications and sector-specific impact
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden and significant impact on all aspects of people’s lives with 2.6 billion across the world now living under some sort of lockdown quarantine.
In this second paper, JLL assess what now happens as economies start to move out of lockdown, businesses begin the journey to ‘re-entry’ and the real estate industry adjusts to a ‘new normal.’

Colliers. Impact of Coronavirus on the hotel sector

If the current pandemic can not be curbed soon, and travel restrictions persist, what will it mean for the
hotel industry? Coliers International completed a tour around six major holiday countries (Benelux, United Kingdom, Spain, Middle East and North Africa, Germany, Italy) to get a clear picture of the current situation, map out the consequences and identify opportunities.

Nota preliminare per la gestione degli impianti di climatizzazione e ventilazione per la riduzione del rischio di diffusione del virus SARS-CoV-2

Il documento elaborato da Dream energy management, start-up dell’Universita Sapienza di Roma, esprime valutazioni tecniche in merito agli impianti di ventilazione e climatizzazione ed è rivolto esclusivamente ad strutture non sanitarie, in cui si presume che non
vi siano soggetti affetti dal virus ma si intende mitigare gli effetti di un’eventuale presenza occasionale, ad esempio di persone asintomatiche.

Colliers. Impact of COVID-19. Hotel Italian Market

The report represents the latest findings on the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry in Italy. It highlightings how the travel restrictions are impacting the hotel industry and what are its long-term effects, in relation to three different scenarios based on time nedeed for recovery.
For all the three scenarios will be analyzed how different will be the sector at the end of pandemic.

L’impatto del COVID-19 sulla Valutazione Aziendale in Italia

Duff & Phelps, con la partecipazione di Gregorio De Felice, Chief Economist e Head of Research di Intesa Sanpaolo, e con il patrocinio di AIFI (Associazione Italiana del Private Equity, Private Debt e Venture Capital), ANDAF (Associazione Nazionale Direttori Amministrativi e Finanziari) e American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, ha prodotto un webcast sulla Valutazione Aziendale alla luce degli impatti sul mercato dell’emergenza COVID-19.

CBRE. Covid-19: Implication for Italian Commercial Real Estate

As COVID-19 continues to spread across Europe, its impact on economic growth is becoming increasilgly evident. A global recessioni is now underway, with CBRE’s House View expeting U.S. GDP growth to concract by -1.6% q-o-q in Q2 2020. Western Europe is expected to see GDP shrink by -3% for 2020 as a whole, with a weak Q1 2020 and a severe downturn in Q2 2020. In Italy, assuming that the outbreak will last until the end of May 2020, CBRE’s House View forecast a GDP contraction of -4% for 2020. However this forecast will need to be revised several times in the coming weeks as new assessments of the state of contagion in Italy and in the rest of the world are released.

Cushman&Wakefield. Global Policy Responses to COVID-19

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on nearly every aspect of the global economy. It is clear now that what was originally a supply-side shock—and to a lesser extent an export demand shock for the global economy— has morphed into something far more pernicious. The unique nature of the pandemic, and the government actions to stem the trajectory of the outbreak, is severely impacting global manufacturing, production, and supply chains worldwide. As households hunker down, the demand side of the world economy is also experiencing broad-based headwinds. With each new data point, it becomes painfully clear, the global economy has entered a full-blown recession.