Nuveen. Perspective on today’s real estate market. 2021 outlook

Nuveen’s real estate team believes the current market offers opportunity for strategic allocation of private real estate for long-term investment benefit. The pandemic has not caused a paradigm shift for real estate, rather it has accelerated already-present underlying trends. Currently signs of a recovery are beginning, which makes the opportunity to invest in real estate timely.

C&W. European secondary markets: the growth story for the new decade

Data centre development across Europe has long centred around what were first known as the FLAP markets: Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris, major global cities each with deep business and financial sectors. As these markets continue to thrive, a host of newer locations have joined the data centre landscape as operators respond to client demand across the region.

Colliers. 2021 Global Investor Outlook

Colliers International 2021 Global Investor Outlook is an in-depth exploration of investor sentiment, strategies and the forces set to shape global real estate markets. The report draws on two main sources: a comprehensive global survey of real estate investors, and interviews with Colliers Capital Market leaders.
The survey was conducted across the regions of the Americas, EMEA and APAC in November and December 2020, and drew close to 300 respondents. This includes major institutional investors, listed property companies, sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds, family offices and thirdparty money managers.

Savills. Real estate investment tips for 2021: EMEA

Europe and the Middle East, investors have focused increasingly on their local markets, reflecting the ‘flight to familiarity’ among cross-border investors.
Covid-19 has brought forward a number of structural changes that were already underway. Working from home has become a common practice (from 9% to 40%) and online shopping penetration has accelerated (from 12% to 16%). This has left many office buildings underutilised, causing concerns amongst investors about security of income.

Gabetti. Real Estate. I trend post Covid settore per settore

Il report di Gabetti e Patrigest ritrae un settore immobiliare nel 2020 in sofferenza ma con prospettive interessanti in diverse asset class. Molti sono i cambiamenti portati dalla pandemia che ha impattato in maniera diversa sui mercati: dal momento di grande fortuna attraversato dalla logistica alle forti difficoltà delle aree commerciali e dell’hotellerie.

Cushman&Wakefield. Workplace ecosystem of the future

One thing is clear: the purpose of the office workplace is changing. The pandemic-induced work from home (WFH) experiment has altered perspectives on work, flexibility and the office. Cushman & Wakefield partnered with top researchers from George Washington University to explore potential outcomes for the future of office.

Gabetti. Investment overview Q3 2020

Nei primi nove mesi del 2020, gli investimenti immobiliari hanno registrato un volume totale pari a 5,3 miliardi di euro. Il risultato è in calo rispetto al volume sviluppato nello stesso periodo del 2019 (€7,3 Mld) – anno record per gli investimenti capital markets – ma in linea con lo stesso periodo del 2018.