Nuveen. Perspectives on today’s real estate market

Nuveen. Perspectives on today’s real estate market

The Nuveen’s real estate team believes the current market offers opportunity for strategic allocation of private real estate for long-term investment benefit. We also see themes taking shape that will impact the opportunity throughout 2021:

Sector themes
• Alternative sectors are set to outperform traditional sectors
• Selectivity is key in traditional sectors

Rethinking urban centres and suburban life
• Strong conviction: U.S. sees demographic shifts in favour of suburbia, sunbelt cities and home working
• Subtle changes in Europe as culture, language, planning and transport support urban locations and Northern
European living
• Large coastal U.S. cities are most at risk from home working; demographically older commuter cities are
more exposed in Europe, while we are convinced that the office is unlikely to lose allure in Asian cities

Capital flows convictions
• Global central banks policies will remain very supportive for real estate flows and values
• We are set to see a sector rotation in the U.S., Europe and Asia

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