McKinsey&Company. The next normal in construction.

McKinsey&Company. The next normal in construction.

This report provides an assessment of how the full array of disruptive trends will combine to reshape the industry in earnest. The research builds future scenarios based on more than 100 conversations with experts and executives, firsthand experience serving clients throughout the ecosystem, and reviews of other industries and their transformation journeys. Finally, it quantitatively modeled value and profit pools across the value chain, based on company data today, and formulated future scenarios. It found overwhelming evidence that disruption will touch all parts of the industry and that it has already begun at scale.

The research suggests that the industry will look radically different five to ten years from now. More than 75 percent of respondents to the executive survey agreed that the nine shifts are likely to occur, and more than 60 percent believe they are likely to occur at scale in the next five years. Two-thirds of survey respondents believe that COVID-19 will lead to an acceleration of the transformation, and half have already raised investment in that regard.

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