Mapping ESG. Urban Land Institute

Mapping ESG. Urban Land Institute

Environmental and social challenges present arguably the greatest risks facing our societies globally. The built environment has an important contribution to make in addressing these social and environmental challenges, with buildings responsible for nearly 40% of global GHG emissions. In addition, half of energy and raw material consumption and one-third of total water consumption can be attributed to the construction and real estate industry.

In response to these challenges, ULI, INREV and PRI in close collaboration with the project steering committee, and supported by PwC, embarked on a journey to map and compare the most important global ESG related regulations, standards and certifications and assess each of them in relation to the E, S and G components. Through member and industry knowledge sharing and best practices, this report offers guidance on how to potentially navigate and use existing regulations, standards and certifications in the field of ESG.

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