JLL. Student housing snapshot

JLL. Student housing snapshot

Italy can count on a high number of renowned universities which attract students from all over the world. Internationalstudents represent a significant portion of people choosing student accommodationswhen they study abroad. A huge part of the demand comes also from Italian students studying in a different region from where they live while we expect a growing share of demand to come from local students over the next years. In the main Italian cities, provision rate ranges from 2 to 6%.

Milan is the leading student market, with the higher provision rates of the sample, as private investors see it as a gateway city to access the sector in Italy. Nevertheless, Milan provision rate is very low considering continental standards as Milan confirmed to be the preferred destination in Italy for international students.

Rome sees the highest demand mainly due to a huge number of students coming from other Italian regions. Despite this, the Eternal city has the lowest provision rate and, consequently, needs a huge number of beds. Today Rome has beds only for 2.4% of the students while the potential demand reaches 21%.

Smaller universities cities are currently well supplied with provision rates between 3 to 4%.

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