Highlights – Event Summary

The example of Milan and national and international leverage

Milano, 15 February 2018

The Re/I Meeting between the Property Industry and Institutions on kick-starting the national economy “THE EXAMPLE OF MILAN AND NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVERAGE”, was held in Milan, promoted by Assoimmobiliare under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Municipality of Milan.
Many voices contributed to the debate.
The President of Assoimmobiliare Silvia Maria Rovere declared: “The attendance of five local councillors from the Municipality of Milan at our Re/I Meeting demonstrates both the complexity of our sector in terms of areas of competence and the positive relationship with the local authority with whom our Industry engages in a truly open debate offering a model of a totally productive public/private sector partnership which has obtained obvious results”.




Rome – 9th Edition of EREF – Executive Program in Real Estate, LUISS Business School’s highly specialized didactic path sponsored by Assoimmobiliare.

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Rome – Presentation of the “Libro Bianco” (White Paper) on Real Estate Taxation

Milan – WST-Show: Assoimmobiliare participates at the Meeting “Sports and Hotels, driver for the Real Estate investments”

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