Highlights – Event Summary

Assoimmobiliare meets with President of Rome’s Capitoline Assembly to discuss city planning policy and reform

Rome, 7 March 2018
Rome: an important meeting at Capitol Hill involving Assoimmobiliare – represented by President Silvia M. Rovere, Vice President Matteo Cabassi, and Executive Director Paolo Crisafi – and Roma Capitale, represented by President of the Capitoline Assembly, Marcello De Vito.
This encounter provided an opportunity to tackle several topics revolving around the concept of urban reform for a city like Rome, struggling with countless issues. The exchange between local policy-makers and top real estate entrepreneurs could lead to more targeted growth on a number of projects. Rome’s local politics carry enough weight to impact the international sphere – thus the need to operate in a forward-thinking, rational manner.
Assoimmobiliare is constantly striving to establish a common front with local, national, and European institutions. Promoting open dialogue between entrepreneurial and political players, in every arena, is meant to build a permanent bridge between political action and sector-specific goals. In this case, the real estate sector is increasingly more focused on creating value through sustainable means. One clear result that came of the meeting was how shared planning can make the difference in generating wellbeing across the board for communities making up large urban areas.


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