Highlights – Event Summary

Re/I Meeting: “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estate”

24 May 2018

“Re/I Meeting “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estatewas held on 24 May  in Rome, attended by the leading operators in the finance and real estate services sector, and during which the “Assoimmobiliare and Roma Capitale Round Table” for the development of the territory of Rome and attractiveness of investments, was set up.
An opportunity for a much desired dialogue between the city’s administrative authorities and real estate companies aimed at promoting the city’s development, relaunch of investments and strengthening of the real estate sector in Rome.
During the meeting, Roma Capitale presented its real estate assets and methods for operating within the territory and Assoimmobiliare made available the know-how of its partner operators.
The Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare Silvia M. Rovere, opened the round table, stating: “I would like to welcome the Councilors present and thank them for being here today with us, because we believe in the need for dialogue and cooperation in order to relaunch Rome. At the same time I would like to greet the numerous members that are here taking part, offering proof of the commitment of operators to the territory. In 2017 leading institutional investors invested approximately 11 billion Euro in real estate, 79% of which from foreign capital, an important figure because it shows the level of international interest in Italy. So, I would take this figure as a starting point for the debate. At the present time, Rome is looked on with interest by investors and must be able to capitalize this situation, attracting long-term capital to be used to regenerate the most outlying areas as well”.
The Round Table Moderator was the Director General of Assoimmobiliare Paolo Crisafi who stated “The intention of the Re/I Meeting is to strengthen the dialogue between institutions and member companies. Sustainable and inclusive development of contemporary cities is one of the most important challenges our country has to face and solutions must come from a constructive and ongoing dialogue between the public and private sectors. In order to successfully launch urban regeneration plans, able to be implemented on a large scale, incentive instruments are needed – split between volumetric rights and savings on urban development costs – as well as an urban densification process which makes services more economically sustainable and increases their efficiency. Setting up of the “Roma Capitale and Assoimmobiliare Round Table” is a key moment for succeeding in achieving the city identity the city’s administrative authorities desire in accordance with the best international practices”.
The following representatives of Roma Capitale attended the meeting:
Speech by Rosalia Alba Castiglione, Councilor for Property and Housing Policies
Speech by Giuseppina Montanari, Councilor for Environmental Sustainability
Speech by Luca Montuori, Councilor for City Planning

The Debate with Operators saw the involvement of
Bruno Barel, Founding Partner of Studio Legale Associato BM&A See video of speech
Giovanni M. Benucci, Chairman of Real Estate Finance Regulatory Committee See video of speech
Conclusions were made by Paolo Crisafi, Director General of Assoimmobiliare.


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