Highlights – Event Summary

No Sunday trading. Assoimmobiliare joins in the debate, focusing on the economic consequences, first and foremost the drop in GDP and employment

24 October 2018

Assoimmobiliare joins in the debate regarding the proposed ban on Sunday trading.   Corriere della Sera has published excerpts of Assoimmobiliare's working paper which highlights the potential negative consequences after six years of Sunday trading. The most important of these being the drop in GDP and employment, especially of young people The Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare, Silvia M. Rovere, stressed how "trading on Sundays and public holidays has become an all-important service, allowing for optimal management of family time, especially for female family members".

Corriere della Sera - 24/10/2018


Rome – 9th Edition of EREF – Executive Program in Real Estate, LUISS Business School’s highly specialized didactic path sponsored by Assoimmobiliare.

Rome – Re/I Meeting: “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estate”

Rome – Presentation of the “Libro Bianco” (White Paper) on Real Estate Taxation

Milan – WST-Show: Assoimmobiliare participates at the Meeting “Sports and Hotels, driver for the Real Estate investments”

Rome – Rome Investment Forum 2018