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Constructors and real estate developers: cutting of taxes in order to upgrade property

27 September 2018

The white paper on real estate taxation which ANCE has compiled together with Legambiente, Assoimmobiliare and cooperatives (both residential and construction) contains numerous proposals in this regard.
«We are asking the government to focus on real estate taxation in the forthcoming budget, meaning the promotion of urban regeneration and territorial upgrading», stated the Chairman of ANCE, Gabriele Buia, who outlined the proposals together with the Deputy Chairman of the Builders’ Association (and Chairman of Milan’s Builders’ Association), Marco Dettori.
In this regard, Assoimmobiliare is asking for measures able to attract investment in large-scale urban regeneration projects. «We need to get rid of an economic disincentive called the non-deductibility of VAT upon investment or of upgrading costs», stated Silvia Maria Rovere, Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare.
«There has been a total block on large-scale real estate investment, aimed at major urban regeneration in Italy for at least the last twenty years. Nowadays there is capital available for key urban transformations provided that the disincentives found in Italy, and not abroad, are eliminated».

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Rome – 9th Edition of EREF – Executive Program in Real Estate, LUISS Business School’s highly specialized didactic path sponsored by Assoimmobiliare.

Rome – Re/I Meeting: “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estate”

Rome – Presentation of the “Libro Bianco” (White Paper) on Real Estate Taxation

Milan – WST-Show: Assoimmobiliare participates at the Meeting “Sports and Hotels, driver for the Real Estate investments”

Rome – Rome Investment Forum 2018