The property Industry, by offering progressive management of the entire built heritage and inclusive development of towns – while attracting the vital in-flow of capital – acts as essential software working on behalf of local areas and communities.
The property Industry comprises enterprises which generate real value through significant investment in human capital, technology and entrepreneurial organisation to offer a real infrastructure serving the national economy and promoting overall productivity.
The Industry contributes to sustainable and tangible responses by business to some of the key challenges of our time, including environmental sustainability and energy-efficient buildings, the creation of sustainable accommodation solutions and making towns truly inclusive to combat the increasing marginalisation of large swathes of the population. The entire national system is largely dependent on development of the property sector and its capacity to attract resources and compete in the international arena.
Assoimmobiliare represents the main companies active in funding and managing extensive property portfolios, property valuations and services, the development and enhancement of historic buildings and facilities for both tourists and local populations.
The Association supports growth in the Industry and represents it vis-a-vis public decision-makers; working to attract national and foreign capital, promoting transparency and the adoption of best international practices, eco-sustainable development in rural areas and the transformation of towns through the adoption of affordable housing plans and protection of the built heritage.
Furthermore, it encourages professional training for players and the adoption and compliance with codes of ethics.
The social and economic development of the country is increasingly dependent on its built heritage, comprising buildings, infrastructure, historic and artistic works and the environment.