RE/I Meeting: Celebration in the Italian Real Estate Community – Mipim Awards 2018

Milan, 5 April 2018

The event, promoted by Assoimmobiliare and with the patronage of the Office of the Prime Minister as part of the Re/I Meeting initiatives, celebrates Italy's victory at the MIPIM Awards of COIMA in the "Best Urban Regeneration Project" category with Porta Nuova and in the "Best Office and Business Development” category" with Feltrinelli Foundation & Microsoft House, and of PRELIOS in the "Best Shopping Center" category with FICO Eataly World.

The event – which attended by the representatives of institutions, managers and members of Assoimmobiliare – is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the value and role of Italian real estate in continuing to promote urban regeneration inspired by the best international practices.

Focus on winning projects
Speakers' comments



MIPIM AWARDS 2018: Italian companies Coima e Prelios, members of Assoimmobiliare, win three Awards

Italy attended in great numbers, with numerous initiatives by Assoimmobiliare members and sealed with a triple victory, at the MIPIM Awards, for Coima in the “Best Urban Regeneration Project” category with Porta Nuova and “Best Office & Business Development” category with Feltrinelli Foundation & Microsoft House, and for Prelios in the “Best Shopping center” category with FICO Eataly Word, which, together with Assoimmobiliare gave birth to a winning team, able to shine the spotlight on the excellence of our Real Estate.
Manfredi Catella, CEO of COIMA, stated: ”On behalf of all of us at Coima, we would like to express our thanks for the support which Assoimmobiliare, the members and our sector have given us, helping obtain this acknowledgement at the MIPIM Awards. It is an important result above all for Italy, and for our sector which can boast many people able to build numerous future success stories. I sincerely hope that this result is greeted as a team result and that it goes to fuel a shared pride in working together as Italians and for our cities. Thank you”.

Riccardo Serrini, General Manager of PRELIOS, stated: “I would like to express and share with you the happiness and enthusiasm of all the PRELIOS group for FICO’s win as ‘best shopping centre’ at the MIPIM Awards. It is an all-Italian victory, together with Porta Nuova and Feltrinelli Foundation & Microsoft House, which shows how, with the support of Assoimmobiliare, we can succeed in adopting a systematic approach and creating a winning team at an international level. A sincere thank you from all of us”.
Bologna, Italy
Developer: Prelios SGR – Pai Fund
Architect: Thomas Bartoli
Porta Nuova
Milan, Italy
Asset Manager: COIMA
Developer: COIMA, HINES
Architects: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Boeri Studio and 20 design architects from 8 different countries selected through design competitions: Inside Outside, Land, Lucien Lagrange, Munoz&Albin, Piuarch, Studio MP2 Associati, William Mc Donough, COIMA Image, Gehl Architects, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners, Arquitectonica, Caputo Partnership, Cino Zucchi Architetti, De Lucchi, MCArchitects, Edaw  
Feltrinelli Foundation & Microsoft House
Milan, Italy
Developer: COIMA
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Interior Design & Space Planning: Herzog & de Meuron with COIMA Image for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, DEGW for Microsoft House 
The Maersk Tower
Copenhagen, Denmark
Developer: The Danish University and Property Agency (BYGST) and the University of Copenhagen
Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
Other: SLA (landscape), Rambøll (Engineer), P & Partners (Client Consultant), aggebo&henriksen, Cenergia, Gordon Farquharson and Innovation Lab   
Catholic-Social Institute Michaelsberg Abbey
Siegburg, Germany
Developer: Archdiocese of Cologne
Architect: meyerschmitzmorkramer 
The Chapelle International logistics centre
Paris, France
Developer: SCI Sogaris Paris Les Espaces Logistiques Urbains
Architect: A.26 Architectures
Other: Ports de Paris, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Eurorail 
Marina One, Singapore
Developer: M+S Pte Ltd, Singapore, a company owned by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Temasek Holdings, Singapore
Architects: ingenhoven architects / ingenhoven LLP, Singapore (Design architect)
Other: Gustafson Porter+ Bowman London (Landscape Architect), Architects61 Singapore (Project Architect)   
Antwerp Port House
Antwerp, Belgium
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Occupier: Antwerp Port Authority
Other: Bureau Bouwtechniek, Mouton, Ingenium, Interbuild, VBSC, Groven+
Îlot Sacré
Brussels, Belgium
Developer: Galika Human Estate
Architect: DDS+
Other: Valens (General Contractor), SGI Consulting (Structural Engineer), EMS Yvan Beaufays (M&E Engineer)
National Museum of Qatar
Doha, Qatar
Developer: Qatar Museums
Architect: Jean Nouvel
Project Management Consultant: ASTAD   
Mui Dinh Ecopark
Mui Dinh, Vietnam
Developer: Cap Padaran Mui Dinh Ecopark
Architect: Chapman Taylor
Other: VO GIA Architects
Catholic-Social Institute Michaelsberg Abbey
Siegburg, Germany
Developer: Archdiocese of Cologne
Architect: meyerschmitzmorkramer

Assoimmobiliare presents in Cannes Vademecum “Investment and financing instruments for the Italian Real Estate sector”

15 March 2018

In occasion of MIPIM 2018, Assoimmobiliare has presented the newly published Vademecum ‘Investment and financing instruments for the Italian Real Estate sector’ – by Roberto Fraticelli and Luca Lucaroni for technical coordination, various specialists in the field and the supervision of the General Manager Paolo Crisafi.

With this instrument Assoimmobiliare intends to tackle the main questions on regulations and taxation of investment and financing instruments in Italy’s Real Estate industry. This Vademecum has the main goal of increasing interest in our country. It is a point of reference for those who want to take an active part in Real Estate (such as lenders, lawmakers, investors, brokers, leaseholders, and consultants). It provides clarification and instruction on the most important topics in this field.

The book, now at its fourth edition, was expanded this year with the introduction of a new section dedicated to financing instruments in the Italian Real Estate sector, as well as a specific part dedicated to the methods of buying and selling Real Estate assets. The need to expand our focus stemmed from an awareness of the strong connection between the choice of vehicle and types of financing sources available. Moreover, the need to choose efficient and secure means for transferring asset ownership is an increasingly crucial factor in the evaluation of investment projects.

The purpose of the book is twofold. On one hand, it is meant to help foreign (and Italian) investors navigate more easily through the “sea of regulations” governing the world of Real Estate, by illustrating all possible options in a clear, detailed, and comparative manner. On the other hand, it is meant to draw Italian lawmakers’ attention to those areas where legislative action could be taken to improve regulations and make our country more competitive. This means simplifying and standardizing bureaucratic processes, clarifying grey areas, answering questions left open to interpretation, and correcting contradictions present within the current legislation – all in order to increase transparency, competition, professionalism, and efficiency in the world of Real Estate.

Excerpt of the Vademecum "Investment and financing instruments for the italian Real Estate sector"

Assoimmobiliare and Ance establish the Real Estate Council

Cannes, 14 March 2018

At the 2018 edition of the MIPIM, occurred the Italian Lunch Networking Investors, organised by ICE and promoted by officers of Ance  – Gabriele Buia, President, Filippo Delle Piane and Marco Dettori, Vice-Presidents – and of Assoimmobiliare – Silvia M. Rovere, President, Aldo Mazzocco, Past President, Paolo Crisafi, General Manager and Matteo Cabassi, Vice-President.
During the meeting, the Presidents of Ance and Assoimmobiliare announced the constitution of the Real Estate Council for joint discussion of common issues.
“Establishing the Real Estate Council, the two major representatives of the real estate and construction industries intend to undertake stable discussions on the strategic topics for the development of the industry and to strengthen dialogue with the institutions – the President of Assoimmobiliare, Silvia M. Rovere said – to favour a firm recovery of the sectors that mostly contribute to GDP increase throughout the country.  In particular, the strategic issues of common interest for the two Associations are urban regeneration, bureaucracy efficiency and simplification, legal certainty and justice efficiency, real estate taxation and environmental and social sustainability".
In the photo above, from left: Gabriele Buia – President of Ance, Filippo Delle Piane – Vice-President of Ance, Aldo Mazzocco – Past President of Assoimmobilare, Marco Dettori – Vice-President of Ance, Matteo Cabassi – Vice-President of Assoimmobiliare.

MIPIM 2018 Assoimmobiliare: investing in quality products Greater interest in Italy

The 2018 edition of the MIPIM, the international real estate fair under way in Cannes, was attended by Assoimmobiliare as well as ten Regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, Trentino, Veneto. Other organisations included the Public Property Agency, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Difesa Servizi, Railway Urban Systems, Invimit and the category associations ANCE and AICA. Others included the Bologna Metropolitan Area and a space dedicated to the City of Milan and Lombardy Region.
After the inauguration of the initiative, interviews were conducted with Filippo Rean, Head of the Real Estate Division MIPIM and Paolo Crisafi, Director General of Assoimmobiliare.
Filippo Rean observed: “The Italian participation at MIPIM is one of the most important ones and is based on three components: the major institutions, with the ICE from the Ministry for Economic Development and a number of local authorities, private enterprises, and the associations, especially ANCE and Assoimmobiliare. The participation involves several exhibition areas, such as the Italian Pavilion, the focus of the Italian delegation, and a rich programme of conferences dedicated to the Italian market”.
Paolo Crisafi, Director General of Assoimmobilare, said: “Real estate is one of the few sectors bringing together, through a positive process, the recovery of the economy and the raising of standards in terms of the quality of life: it is vital for recovery to be supported.”
From this point of view, the MIPIM, with the occasions provided for contacts among international operators, and highlighting the opportunities in Italy, is a think-tank and platform of great importance. Therefore, Assoimmobiliare and ICE have come back this year, with the aim of involving the institutions in order to drive the economic recovery through real estate. We are proud of the fact that various Italian projects are in the finals for the MIPIM Awards (FICO Eataly world for Best shopping centre, NOI Techpark for Best refurbished building, Feltrinelli Foundation & Microsoft House for Best office & business development, Porta Nuova for best urban regeneration project, Xiantao Big Data Valley for best future mega project) and recalled that Italian real estate is able to compete with major international markets.
Crisafi continued: “There is a new willingness to invest in our country, and Italian territory is being considered by international investors with growing interest. To sustain this positive trend, Assoimmobiliare continues to try to convince the political parties to enact long term strategies and not one-off measures. In particular, measures for simplification are required in town planning to ensure certain timeframes and in line with the most efficient European countries, as well as regulatory improvements for real estate financial instruments, without which it is impossible to attract the capital necessary for implementing projects with interesting dimensions.
In any case, our cities have to be improved, often with respect to infrastructures and transport. Our buildings require maintenance to ensure safety standards in seismic areas and, in general, to reduce energy consumption and the related emissions; these improvements would produce significant impact in terms of the quality of life.”

Assoimmobiliare participates in the MCE – Mobility Conference Exhibition

Rome, 13 March 2018

The Mobility Conference Exhibition 2018, took place on 13 March in Milan, with the participation of the President of Assolombarda, Carlo Bonomi and the President of Assoimmobiliare, Silvia M. Rovere.

The event focuses on the proposals of the entrepreneurial system to improve mobility services for people living in the Milan area, with special reference to air, rail, and public local transport.

The relative framework involves comparison with international best practices. The aim is to provide an useful contribution to the definition and implementation of public policies for mobility and to secure specific commitments by policy makers in this sector.


Assoimmobiliare meets with President of Rome’s Capitoline Assembly to discuss city planning policy and reform

Rome, 7 March 2018
Rome: an important meeting at Capitol Hill involving Assoimmobiliare – represented by President Silvia M. Rovere, Vice President Matteo Cabassi, and Executive Director Paolo Crisafi – and Roma Capitale, represented by President of the Capitoline Assembly, Marcello De Vito.
This encounter provided an opportunity to tackle several topics revolving around the concept of urban reform for a city like Rome, struggling with countless issues. The exchange between local policy-makers and top real estate entrepreneurs could lead to more targeted growth on a number of projects. Rome’s local politics carry enough weight to impact the international sphere – thus the need to operate in a forward-thinking, rational manner.
Assoimmobiliare is constantly striving to establish a common front with local, national, and European institutions. Promoting open dialogue between entrepreneurial and political players, in every arena, is meant to build a permanent bridge between political action and sector-specific goals. In this case, the real estate sector is increasingly more focused on creating value through sustainable means. One clear result that came of the meeting was how shared planning can make the difference in generating wellbeing across the board for communities making up large urban areas.

At the Canova Club Assoimmobiliare meets the President of the European Parliament Tajani

Roma, 2 March 2018

The cycle of meetings organised by Canova with the main institutions and political forces concluded in Rome in the presence of the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. The property Industry was represented by the General Manager of Assoimmobiliare Paolo Crisafi. The meeting between Tajani and Crisafi the day after at the Link Campus University offered an additional opportunity to compare the Italian property scene with the overall European scenario. Tajani, emphasising the theme of industrial policies declared: “Considering the property Industry as an opportunity at European level is in total harmony with the creation in our country of industrial policies which place property at their centre. The issues of tax harmonisation of Member States and the need to sustain the processes for administrative simplification intended to render the country’s system more efficient are intrinsic to these themes”. According to the General Manager of Assoimmobiliare “including in the field of energy efficiency and the consequent regeneration of the existing built heritage, the European Union can offer an incentive for the adoption of improved international practices. It is fundamental to harmonise property-backed financial instruments with those in the countries with the most highly evolved systems.”

Antonio Tajani on property and industrial policies

The example of Milan and national and international leverage

Milano, 15 February 2018

The Re/I Meeting between the Property Industry and Institutions on kick-starting the national economy “THE EXAMPLE OF MILAN AND NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVERAGE”, was held in Milan, promoted by Assoimmobiliare under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Municipality of Milan.
Many voices contributed to the debate.
The President of Assoimmobiliare Silvia Maria Rovere declared: “The attendance of five local councillors from the Municipality of Milan at our Re/I Meeting demonstrates both the complexity of our sector in terms of areas of competence and the positive relationship with the local authority with whom our Industry engages in a truly open debate offering a model of a totally productive public/private sector partnership which has obtained obvious results”.



The hot topic at the Canova Club is Real Estate and Europe – with Italy’s Prime Minister Gentiloni and General Manager of Assoimmobiliare Paolo Crisafi

Rome, 14 February 2018

The Canova Club hosted a meeting between Paolo Cisafi, Executive Director of Assoimmobiliare, and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. This event provided an opportunity to draw Gentiloni’s attention to a number of crucial topics regarding real estate, particularly within the greater picture of Europe’s economic framework.
Taking the lead in his pro-Europe administration, Gentiloni sees Europe as a key opportunity in helping promote growth for the categories of investment and employment. The dialogue was productive and focused on essential topics such as social and economic disparities in connection with the stabilization of economic recovery. With regard to this, Crisafi invited the administration to consider using real estate as essential leverage to help promote domestic growth seeing as this sector, by definition and in looking at the facts, is a strong economic motivator with the ability to generate concrete and positive effects for the country.
During the meeting, they also spoke of how important it is to coordinate policies at a European level in order to better reach sustainable development goals, including those of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development passed in October 2017. In response to Crisafi, the Prime Minister concluded with ideas on how to reinforce Italy’s role in Europe and ensure Italy more political weight.