Quotidiano Immobiliare’s Pentola d’Oro 2018 award goes to Davide Albertini Petroni from Risanamento SpA

Milan, 8 November 2018

Davide Albertini Petroni, General Manager of Risanamento SpA, an Assoimmobiliare member, received Quotidiano Immobiliare’s Pentola d’Oro award for his management skills and for the Milano Santa Giulia project at the recent Cantieri d'Italia Congress. 
The Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare, Silvia Maria Rovere, made the following statement while commenting on the award: "On behalf of the Association, I am delighted to extend our congratulations to our member Davide Albertini Petroni who received the Pentola d'Oro 2018 award. This award serves to acknowledge the determined efforts made for the Rogoredo area, a project measuring over one million square metres which saw the investment of international capital and resolving of countless problems. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the best for the successful completion of this major project".

MIP Politecnico di Milano proposes its Executive Real Estate Program

November 2018 – March 2019  

The Real Estate sector is experiencing a period characterized by uncertainty and fast changes: solid foundations are required in order to formulate correct investment strategies, actively manage real estate portfolios, achieve planned earnings targets and tackle the dynamics of the real estate market.
With regard to asset, property and facility management, the ability to manage building and real estate services in relation to user needs, coordinate working equipment, space and human resources, plan maintenance activities, successfully manage supplier selection and relations and promote different alternatives for optimal use of one or more buildings, is becoming all-important.
November 2018 – March 2019
MIP Politecnico di Milano, together with the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering ABC, proposes the Executive Real Estate Program, Integrated Building and Real Estate Management, in order to meet this challenge.
The program is targeted at resources with a high professional profile, already active in the working environment.
The Executive formula is designed to integrate study and responsibilities through a flexible program which makes it possible to create a personalized training program and obtain course credits that can be used at MIP to obtain a Masters in Management, Politecnico di Milano’s masters qualification, if requisites are met and study carried out in accordance with Masters procedures and calendar. The course will be held from November 2018 to March 2019.
For registration and information, please contact Tommaso Truppi (Coordination Office) as follows: Tel. 02 2399 5123 – E-mail: re@mip.polimi.it

No Sunday trading. Assoimmobiliare joins in the debate, focusing on the economic consequences, first and foremost the drop in GDP and employment

24 October 2018

Assoimmobiliare joins in the debate regarding the proposed ban on Sunday trading.   Corriere della Sera has published excerpts of Assoimmobiliare's working paper which highlights the potential negative consequences after six years of Sunday trading. The most important of these being the drop in GDP and employment, especially of young people The Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare, Silvia M. Rovere, stressed how "trading on Sundays and public holidays has become an all-important service, allowing for optimal management of family time, especially for female family members".

Corriere della Sera – 24/10/2018

Constructors and real estate developers: cutting of taxes in order to upgrade property

27 September 2018

The white paper on real estate taxation which ANCE has compiled together with Legambiente, Assoimmobiliare and cooperatives (both residential and construction) contains numerous proposals in this regard.
«We are asking the government to focus on real estate taxation in the forthcoming budget, meaning the promotion of urban regeneration and territorial upgrading», stated the Chairman of ANCE, Gabriele Buia, who outlined the proposals together with the Deputy Chairman of the Builders’ Association (and Chairman of Milan’s Builders’ Association), Marco Dettori.
In this regard, Assoimmobiliare is asking for measures able to attract investment in large-scale urban regeneration projects. «We need to get rid of an economic disincentive called the non-deductibility of VAT upon investment or of upgrading costs», stated Silvia Maria Rovere, Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare.
«There has been a total block on large-scale real estate investment, aimed at major urban regeneration in Italy for at least the last twenty years. Nowadays there is capital available for key urban transformations provided that the disincentives found in Italy, and not abroad, are eliminated».

Sole24Ore – 27/09/2018

WST-Show: Assoimmobiliare participates at the Meeting “Sports and Hotels, driver for the Real Estate investments

27 September 2018

Assoimmobiliare intervenes at the meeting “Sports and Hotels, driver for the real estate investments” organized at the WST-Show, the first Sport and Sustainable Tourism Show. The meeting, which was held on 27 September 2018, at 4:30pm at the Malpensa Fiere, was attended by Fabio Bandirali, Sportium CEO and Chair of the Infrastructures Committee for Sport of Assoimmobiliare, and by Giorgio Bianchi, Head of Italy PKF. The conference was moderated by Laura  Dominici, Editor-in-chief of Guida Viaggi.

Presentation of the “Libro Bianco” (White Paper) on Real Estate Taxation

September 26, 2018

White Paper of Real Estate Taxation. For a regeneration of zero emission real estate.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018, from 9.30am to 1.00pm, at the LUISS in Viale Pola, 12 (Rome) will take place the presentation of the White Paper on Real Estate Taxation, organized by ANCE and sponsored by Assoimmobiliare, Legambiente, Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane Abitazione and Legacoop Produzione e Servizi. The Meeting will be opened by Paola Severino, Vice President of LUISS and by the ANCE President Gabriele Buia. The President of Assoimmobiliare Silvia M. Rovere will illustrate, in the Round Table, the point of view of the finance and services industry estate.

Re/I Meeting: “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estate”

24 May 2018

“Re/I Meeting “RE&Roma – Rules and Opportunities for the Capital’s Real Estatewas held on 24 May  in Rome, attended by the leading operators in the finance and real estate services sector, and during which the “Assoimmobiliare and Roma Capitale Round Table” for the development of the territory of Rome and attractiveness of investments, was set up.
An opportunity for a much desired dialogue between the city’s administrative authorities and real estate companies aimed at promoting the city’s development, relaunch of investments and strengthening of the real estate sector in Rome.
During the meeting, Roma Capitale presented its real estate assets and methods for operating within the territory and Assoimmobiliare made available the know-how of its partner operators.
The Chairperson of Assoimmobiliare Silvia M. Rovere, opened the round table, stating: “I would like to welcome the Councilors present and thank them for being here today with us, because we believe in the need for dialogue and cooperation in order to relaunch Rome. At the same time I would like to greet the numerous members that are here taking part, offering proof of the commitment of operators to the territory. In 2017 leading institutional investors invested approximately 11 billion Euro in real estate, 79% of which from foreign capital, an important figure because it shows the level of international interest in Italy. So, I would take this figure as a starting point for the debate. At the present time, Rome is looked on with interest by investors and must be able to capitalize this situation, attracting long-term capital to be used to regenerate the most outlying areas as well”.
The Round Table Moderator was the Director General of Assoimmobiliare Paolo Crisafi who stated “The intention of the Re/I Meeting is to strengthen the dialogue between institutions and member companies. Sustainable and inclusive development of contemporary cities is one of the most important challenges our country has to face and solutions must come from a constructive and ongoing dialogue between the public and private sectors. In order to successfully launch urban regeneration plans, able to be implemented on a large scale, incentive instruments are needed – split between volumetric rights and savings on urban development costs – as well as an urban densification process which makes services more economically sustainable and increases their efficiency. Setting up of the “Roma Capitale and Assoimmobiliare Round Table” is a key moment for succeeding in achieving the city identity the city’s administrative authorities desire in accordance with the best international practices”.
The following representatives of Roma Capitale attended the meeting:
Speech by Rosalia Alba Castiglione, Councilor for Property and Housing Policies
Speech by Giuseppina Montanari, Councilor for Environmental Sustainability
Speech by Luca Montuori, Councilor for City Planning

The Debate with Operators saw the involvement of
Bruno Barel, Founding Partner of Studio Legale Associato BM&A See video of speech
Giovanni M. Benucci, Chairman of Real Estate Finance Regulatory Committee See video of speech
Conclusions were made by Paolo Crisafi, Director General of Assoimmobiliare.

9th Edition of EREF – Executive Program in Real Estate, LUISS Business School’s highly specialized didactic path sponsored by Assoimmobiliare

14 May 2018

The 9th Edition of EREF – Executive Program in Real Estate, LUISS Business School’s executive higher education program for the real estate sector will commence on 14 May in Rome.
The training program, which will be sponsored by Assoimmobiliare, will be organized using the weekend formula and, for the first time, will offer a flexible program, split into five modules with a considerable level of detail and close study, allowing students to put together their own professional training program based on their favorite areas. The complete program will comprise 300 hours of classroom teaching, exercises and site visits, distributed over three weekends per month, backed up by the direct accounts provided by the market’s main players. The possibility of attending the complete program will be guaranteed.
The 9th edition of EREF represents an important turning point compared to previous editions, offering a flexible and inclusive “Real Estate Experience”, able to grasp the needs of an ever-evolving market.
Assoimmobiliare partners have a 20% reduction on the registration fee for the complete didactic path.
For all other information, you can contact the Executive Education Dept. of LUISS Business School as follows: Tel. 0685222239, e-mail eref@luiss.it, http://businessschool.luiss.it/ and, in c.c., comunicazione@assoimmobiliare.it

Investment trends in the indirect Real Estate sector in 2018
Assoimmobiliare – INREV Seminar

Milan, 18 April 2018

The GOP conference hall in Milan will host the Seminar promoted by Assoimmobiliare and INREV entitled “Investment trends in the indirect real estate sector in 2018”.
The event will present the results of the INREV Investment Intentions Survey 2018. There will be a special focus on the most recent trends and prospects in the indirect real estate sector and will be analysed the issues related to the allocation of investments in indirect vehicles used by investors, and the response on the part of fund managers to the changes under way as well. The Seminar will also be an opportunity to analyse the investment preferences of institutional investors on the international markets by type of risk, region and sector with a particular focus on the European markets.

INREV – Investment Intentions Survey 2018