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Assoimmobiliare presents in Cannes Vademecum “Investment and financing instruments for the Italian Real Estate sector”

15 March 2018

In occasion of MIPIM 2018, Assoimmobiliare has presented the newly published Vademecum ‘Investment and financing instruments for the Italian Real Estate sector’ - by Roberto Fraticelli and Luca Lucaroni for technical coordination, various specialists in the field and the supervision of the General Manager Paolo Crisafi.

With this instrument Assoimmobiliare intends to tackle the main questions on regulations and taxation of investment and financing instruments in Italy’s Real Estate industry. This Vademecum has the main goal of increasing interest in our country. It is a point of reference for those who want to take an active part in Real Estate (such as lenders, lawmakers, investors, brokers, leaseholders, and consultants). It provides clarification and instruction on the most important topics in this field.

The book, now at its fourth edition, was expanded this year with the introduction of a new section dedicated to financing instruments in the Italian Real Estate sector, as well as a specific part dedicated to the methods of buying and selling Real Estate assets. The need to expand our focus stemmed from an awareness of the strong connection between the choice of vehicle and types of financing sources available. Moreover, the need to choose efficient and secure means for transferring asset ownership is an increasingly crucial factor in the evaluation of investment projects.

The purpose of the book is twofold. On one hand, it is meant to help foreign (and Italian) investors navigate more easily through the “sea of regulations” governing the world of Real Estate, by illustrating all possible options in a clear, detailed, and comparative manner. On the other hand, it is meant to draw Italian lawmakers’ attention to those areas where legislative action could be taken to improve regulations and make our country more competitive. This means simplifying and standardizing bureaucratic processes, clarifying grey areas, answering questions left open to interpretation, and correcting contradictions present within the current legislation – all in order to increase transparency, competition, professionalism, and efficiency in the world of Real Estate.

Excerpt of the Vademecum "Investment and financing instruments for the italian Real Estate sector"


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