The example of Milan and national and international leverage

Milano, 15 February 2018

The Re/I Meeting between the Property Industry and Institutions on kick-starting the national economy “THE EXAMPLE OF MILAN AND NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVERAGE”, was held in Milan, promoted by Assoimmobiliare under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Municipality of Milan.
Many voices contributed to the debate.
The President of Assoimmobiliare Silvia Maria Rovere declared: “The attendance of five local councillors from the Municipality of Milan at our Re/I Meeting demonstrates both the complexity of our sector in terms of areas of competence and the positive relationship with the local authority with whom our Industry engages in a truly open debate offering a model of a totally productive public/private sector partnership which has obtained obvious results”.



The hot topic at the Canova Club is Real Estate and Europe – with Italy’s Prime Minister Gentiloni and General Manager of Assoimmobiliare Paolo Crisafi

Rome, 14 February 2018

The Canova Club hosted a meeting between Paolo Cisafi, Executive Director of Assoimmobiliare, and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. This event provided an opportunity to draw Gentiloni’s attention to a number of crucial topics regarding real estate, particularly within the greater picture of Europe’s economic framework.
Taking the lead in his pro-Europe administration, Gentiloni sees Europe as a key opportunity in helping promote growth for the categories of investment and employment. The dialogue was productive and focused on essential topics such as social and economic disparities in connection with the stabilization of economic recovery. With regard to this, Crisafi invited the administration to consider using real estate as essential leverage to help promote domestic growth seeing as this sector, by definition and in looking at the facts, is a strong economic motivator with the ability to generate concrete and positive effects for the country.
During the meeting, they also spoke of how important it is to coordinate policies at a European level in order to better reach sustainable development goals, including those of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development passed in October 2017. In response to Crisafi, the Prime Minister concluded with ideas on how to reinforce Italy’s role in Europe and ensure Italy more political weight.